Local government and state agencies have been more than willing to intimidate CHL holders by continuing to post unenforceable 30.06 signs. There are signs across the state that can be seen on government-owned or leased property. Therefore, in the 2015 Legislative session Senator Cambell (SB 273) and Rep Gullen (HB 226) filed bills to address these unenforceable signs. These bills created a civil fine for agencies or political subdivisions that choose to continue violating your rights. SB 273 was passed and signed into law by Gov. Abbott. It took effect on September 1, 2015.


Although SB 273 was signed into law, there are several local and state level agencies that have made no attempt to remove their unenforceable signage. We need your help to keep track of this unenforceable signage to hold these officials accountable. If you see an invalid 30.06 sign or you are not sure if it an unenforceable sign, please contact us with a picture of the sign, location, county, and any other relevant information you may wish to pass on. This info may be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


***Please keep in mind that this new law only impacts unenforceable 30.06 signage. It does not reduce the authority of local government and state agencies to control their property***'


Denton County Sign ------  SIGN REMOVED   
Hill County Courthouse Annex Sign PENDING    AWAITING AG OPINION
Hill CAD Tax Office Sign ------ SIGN REMOVED   
Killeen PD  Sign PENDING    
McLennan County Records Bld. Sign ----- SIGN REMOVED   
Woodway PD Sign PENDING    
Frisco City Hall Library   Sign ------ SIGN REMOVED   
Castle Hills City Hall Sign ------ SIGN REMOVED  
Brown County Courthouse Sign PENDING   AWAITING AG OPINION 
Bastrop County Annex Bld. Sign PENDING   AWAITING AG OPINION 
Montgomery Count Courthouse Sign PENDING   AWAITING AG OPINION 
Harris County Courthouse Sign PENDING   AWAITING AG OPINION 
Lavon City Council Sign PENDING    
Burleson Recreation Sign ------ SIGN REMOVED  
Texas Workforce Solutions  Sign PENDING    
Eddie City Hall Sign PENDING    
Neederland Tax Assessor Office  Sign PENDING    
Mesquite City Hall Sign  PENDING